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How I Met Your Mother Icontest
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Welcome to himym_icontest an icontest for the CBS show How I Met Your Mother.

We'll have challenges posted every couple of weeks here at himym_icontest. All members are welcome to participate in any challenge. If you are interested in a HIMYM rumble, please check out our sister community himym_rumble. Read the rules and sign up for round 1 here.

Rules for Entering Regular Challenges:
~ Icons must fit LJ standards: 40kb in size and 100x100 pixels.
~ You MUST be a member to enter icons.
~ Please do not submit icons other people made as your own.
~ Please do not your icons anywhere else until voting has closed, if you post your icon somewhere before voting is closed, your icon will be disqualified.
~ Please create new icons for each challenge. If you submit an icon that you have already used it will not be entered into the voting.

If you're interested in snagging any of the icons, PLEASE wait until the winners have been announced, and then just comment in the winners post, and of course credit the proper icon maker, and NO hotlinking!!

Rules for Voting in Regular Challenges:
~ Voting is screened.
~ You DO NOT need to be a member to vote.
~ Vote for your favorite 3 icons.
~ On occasion, you will be asked to vote for an icon in a Special Category.
~ Voting is weighed, so your first place choice gets more points than do your second or third. Please vote in order of preference.
~ Feel free to ask your friends to vote, but DO NOT ask them to vote for you.
~ DO NOT vote for yourself.

Winners for Regular Challenges:
To make things a bit more fair, no icon maker will be allowed to place in the TOP 3 more than once.
This does not apply to Mod's Choice or other special awards.

Timeline For Regular Challenges:.
New challenges will be posted shortly after the winners for the previous challenge are posted.
Challenges will close on Saturdays @ Midnight
Voting will run from Sunday to Tuesday

Promo Buttons:
Complete with codes, for easy copy/pasting. PLEASE feel free to use them!

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If you'd like to affiliate, comment here!


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Some screencaps I make myself, I get the rest from the following places:
...daydreaming... - This site has caps for every episode that has aired thus far, it's wonderful
HIMYM screencaps on Photobucket - Some season 1, mostly Season 2 - I don't know who owns this site, if it's yours, let me know and I'll be sure to credit you.
HIMYM.org Gallery - Some season 1, mostly Season 2
A French HIMYM website - ALL of season 1, first half of Season 2